Monday, September 5, 2011

NEW Blog / NEW Agency / NEW Website online

Welcome to my brand NEW Blog... In this blog I will keep you updated about:
  • Photoshoots and productions I'm involved with.
  • Backstage pictures, if allowed by the client.
  • Updates about products and brands I'm using.
  • And in the next future.... some make-up tutorials.
As you can see my new website has been launched since a few days.
The hard work of my website developer Dominik from has resulted in a stunning website with a fantastic overview. Thanks to friend André Reinke (photographer), I'm the proud owner of my dream website.

At the moment I'm very busy with work which is provided by my new agency Make-up Studio / Louisa Models, and some own clients in Holland. So filling the website with my pictures wil have to wait until i have little more spare time. For now only the beauty section is visible. Yet more to come very soon.

Contact details of my new Agency will be found under "Contact" on my webpage.
Till soon for my next updates.